American dating an australian

To the point where you don’t even know when someone is interested. At the end of the night, after taking off her shoes – sighing with the relief of feet freedom – she gets a text from her male friend: “I only went out for you.” What are these Australian guys thinking? Are Australian women encouraging this behavior by accepting it? To find out more about dating in Australia and other parts of the world (including New York! Follow as four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them.

And as if the concept of ‘hanging out’ is not confusing enough, Australian dating has reached a new level of ridiculous! He does not make any move – no accidental brush of the arm, no holding each other’s gaze – nothing what-so-ever, and the woman does not think much of it. Do Australian men need to start picking up the slack and learn from their American counterparts?

I’m not that keen to introduce her to my friends unless we are moving in to the next stage. I also don’t like to talk about sport very much at all as its not my interest.

Aussie men have learnt over time not to be direct with women because Aussie women don’t like it.

So they have tailored their behavior to be ‘acceptable’ to the Aussie women.

Today’s technology does tend to make us lazy though.

I’m a 32 year old Australian guy and the reason Australian guys act the way they do is because so many Aussie girls are so rude to us when we try to talk to them…the roll their eyes at you and don’t give you a chance.

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